Business Headshots Photography And How To Come Up With Amazing Corporate Headshots

Business Headshots Photography And How To Come Up With Amazing Corporate Headshots

In the corporate world, images are of great importance. This has always been attributed to the fact that in modern days, people are more lured to purchase or do business with companies because of some of the images that they see in publications or other sources. Because of this, professional corporate headshots photographers have found a big market for their services. It however is important to understand some of the things that need to be considered so as to come up with the most appropriate business headshots for your company. You definitely do not want to end up with images that do not reflect your aspirations.

corporate-headshots-2Choose the right colors

You may not be in a position to choose the colors that a client wears. However, you easily can influence this by choosing things such as the background colors in advance. This is because the colors are the most striking feature of any headshot. Anyone looking at the photograph cannot help but notice the choice of colors. It therefore is without a doubt that the wrong colors will definitely spoil the pictures. The good thing is that you can always creatively combine a variety of colors so as to get better photos.

The background light

Corporate headshots are also dependent on in the background lighting. This is the feature with which you can create the theme and mood of the photos. There are different kinds of situations which can for different lighting. For instance, you might find it appropriate to use bright lighting or something darker depending on the situation at hand and the results that you would like to achieve. You only need to ensure that the background lighting that you choose for your business headshots is one that relates to what the company or organization does.

Create a natural mood

It is common for people to be shy about the lighting or just the general setting of a studio. Others cannot feel at ease when they are in front of a camera especially when it is one that has something to do with business or the corporate world. In this case, a photographer should help the client to be at ease. You may ask them to relax a little and at least put on a smile if they can. You also need to have a small chat with them before the shots so as to help them to understand exactly how they should be during the photo shots.

It is important to understand that a corporate headshot does not just depend on the kinds of cameras or other equipment that a photographer uses. It is more than that. For the best business headshots, it is god to induce some creativity from both the client and the photographer. Working together to come up with better ways to produce wonderful images will definitely work to your advantage. If you are wondering where you can find such photographers, there are many of them both on and offline depending on what suits you best.


Glamour Photography: Highlight Your Sensual Side

Glamour Photography: Highlight Your Sensual Side

Glamour, when used well in photographs, can enhance the appeal and oomph factor of the subject – and this is precisely what glamour photography intends to achieve. Earlier referred to as ‘erotic photography’, glamour or boudoir photography is a popular genre where the subject, usually female, is shown in an alluring way. This style of photography is generally used for commercial purposes such as product brochures, magazines, calendars etc. It is now increasingly being used for personal purposes too. A collection of sensual images has become fashionable as a gift from the bride to the groom on their wedding night. It is also popular as a birthday, Valentine’s Day, anniversary or a surprise gift.

 glamour-photography-toronto-13What to Wear

Glamour photos are designed to bring to the limelight the sensual side of a woman. The pictures are tasteful images of the client. The subject can wear whatever she chooses – right from lingerie to wedding dress to sports jerseys. Several studios also allow nudity but again the pictures are very elegantly done. In other studios, nudity is not allowed but the subject can choose to be captured in a manner where nudity is implied but not fully revealed. The main focus of this style of photography is the subject and not the attire she is wearing. The clothes are the emphasis in fashion photography.

 Makeup and Lighting

Make up plays an important role while having a glamour shot. To get the desired results, the makeup should highlight the lips and the eyes. Compared to the regular make up, glamour shots would require warmer and bolder tones to make the eyes appear smokier. Lighting details are very important as well as it helps accentuate the features of the subject. These are just general guidelines. The glamour photos will depend entirely on the preferences of the subject.

 glamour-photography-toronto-4No Experience Required

Glamour photography does not require clients to have any kind of modeling experience or get a drastic make over. Its uniqueness lie in its ability to celebrate the natural grace and beauty already present in a woman. To capture the imagination of the spectator, the pose of the subject is important. This is where the expertise of the photographer comes into play. An experienced photographer would know the different angles to capture their subject for a sexy shot. An important factor to keep in mind is that the client is not a professional model, the photographer will therefore need to have the ability to make the subject feel at ease so that she is able to relax and be herself.

Glamour photos are customized to suit the requirements of the client. How much or how little to expose, what to wear, how to pose are to be decided by the subject. The premises of glamour photography are romance, love and affection. A romantic set with soft lighting, beautiful colours, soothing music and classy props further enhances the feeling of romance and richness and creates a comfortable ambience for the subject.

With glamour photography, the dream of having mesmerizing glamour photos need not remain a dream any longer. The latest trends in technology and professional photographers have made it possible for anyone to have glamorous pictures to cherish for a long time.

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What It Takes To Have A Successful Glamour Photo Shoot

glamour-photography-toronto-16Who does not like or appreciate some glamour? Capturing beauty is a delicate aspect of glamour photography. To get it right, a photographer needs to have a deep knowledge of equipment and lighting. Furthermore, social ability skills also need honing. Communicating with models and giving them directions regarding the right poses is vital. While giving them directions, make your models feel comfortable. Below are more photography tips that will make your photography session a big success.

Although equipment is a vital aspect, a camera still remains the most important of them all. Sure, you need to have a big umbrella, a stool for posing, light stands, reflectors, a monitor for showing pictures instantly, glamour wrapping, a fan, clothes, jewelry and a make up artist. However, reputable glamour photographers only rely on their cameras and a good adaptation of the surroundings in order to capture some of amazing shots.

To take beautiful and amazing shots, try out different techniques and some innovative ideas. A good photographer needs to possess the perfect blend when it comes to technical skills and creativity. A photographer may be creative but lacks technical skills required to capture glamour photos. Other photography professionals have superb technical skills but lack creativity. When considering glamour photography tips, glamour photography professionals ought to think about incorporating creative ideas and taking risks can actually payoff thus enabling you to capture breathtaking photos.

It is important to build a good rapport with your models. Creating open communication channels with your models makes them feel comfortable thereby increasing your chances of producing stunning images. A comfortable model will have an easier time striking the right poses. Consequently, the rapport built between a model and a photographer can greatly influence the end result.
A photographer should make adequate plans and arrangements for a photo session. Things to consider in the planning process include make-up, lighting, outfits as well as the background. Think of a concept for the photography session including elements that relate to the theme. Before the session, discuss the chosen theme with models. Assess the location and identify the most suitable spots where the models will pose. Also, plan the props, lighting and the background prior to the photo session.

Proper use of props reduces the demands for models to pose and look excellent. Therefore, arrange props for the glamour photo session based on the selected theme. Carefully assess the surrounding and identify objects you can use for the glamour photo session. At times, all you need to use are pretty flowers, fluffy pillows or window curtains which can all make for interesting photography while introducing a new twist to the photography session.
Avoid depending entirely on the models. Even though most models are skilled and talented in posing for creative snaps, come ready with some fresh ideas for poses, props and lighting. This effectively adds variety to glamour photos. Try out different lighting setups and offer guidance on poses that will produce amazing images. If you consider these photography tips, glamour photography sessions will no doubt produce desirable results.


What Is So Unique About Portrait Photography?

portrait-photography-toronto-8Portrait photography or portraiture is a wise choice for the photographic career of all those photographers who are fond of people. This area of photography tends to be personal, and is based on the interaction between the photographer and the subject. It gives the photographer and the subject the opportunity to cooperate with each other.

The idea behind portraiture is to communicate something about the subject in the portraits, whether it is their essence, their personality, or something else about them. This is why the photographer and the subject need to develop a relationship. Regardless of the recognizable style that a photographer intends to use, portraits are always about the subject and this needs to be communicated to the subject.

History Of Portraiture

Since early times, humans have used pictures to celebrate, communicate, describe, and remember. Portraits served these purposes quite naturally. However, with the development of society, important individuals started becoming the subjects of portraits. Historical classic portrait photography is teeming with changes in style and technique since the manner in which people are portrayed has always been dictated by societal conventions. During many periods, portraits have even been glorified to convey how importance of people instead of their reality.

Styles Of Portraiture

There are plenty of different techniques of portraiture. Often it is best if the eyes and the face of the subject are captured in a sharp focus while less important elements are rendered in a soft focus. At other times, it can be better if the individual features such as the eyes, hands or part of the subject’s torso, are the focus of the portrait. In addition, the portraiture technique has also given rise to head shot photography, which has become an individual style.


The background chosen for a portrait needs to work well with the subject of the portrait. It is hard to go wrong with a black background for a dark, low-key portraits or a white background for bright, high-key portraits, but the choice must work well for both the subject’s skin tone and for the image that has been pre-visualized. It is worth to keep in mind that a black background may cause dark skin tones to not show up well.
When shooting outside, both the background and the subject of the portrait in the foreground must be kept in mind. The composition should always be checked since outdoor conditions are beyond the photographer’s control. For instance, a visual flaw in the background should be fixed before taking the portrait photograph.


It is possible to proportion and shape the human form in such a way that it becomes one of the world’s most beautiful subjects. It all depends on how the subject is posed. Once the purpose of a portrait has been decide, an appropriate posing style has to be selected. Portrait photographers can work with one of four posing styles, which include casual, glamorous, journalistic and traditional posing.
The bottom line is that portrait photography is all about reveal something about the subjects and that cannot be accomplished unless the photographer understands the subject.

Why the Wow! Factor is Important in Real Estate Photography

Why the Wow! Factor is Important in Real Estate Photography

real-estate-photo-pro2For people looking at houses, condos or other pieces of real estate, one of the first things they tend to look for are pictures. Naturally, this is very important as it gives a first impression of what the property looks like; what can be found there; what surrounds it; and ultimately, if it’s a good place to live in or buy. An awesome real estate photo increases the chances of a sale to close exponentially.

If you’re relying on just point and shoot camera outputs, chances are you will not be doing justice to the sites. For real estate photography, you will need high quality images with great resolution. Now why is this? Real estate photos need to be top notch because they are mostly used for brochures, flyers, company websites or sales sites. Imagine if you’re a real estate agent and all you had to show are several blurry photographs where potential buyers are barely able to make out the kitchen from the living room. Surely, that will make you look silly or unprofessional.

Experts at Real Estate Pictures

Chances are you will be losing clients and not be able to close sales because of lousy photographs. What you need to do is hire a photographer who has had years of experience in taking real estate photos. There is a fine art that allows these professionals to take great photos of staircases, cabinets, bath tubs and sinks and make them look like you’re browsing through an expensive and really classy catalog.

Lighting is Key

One key element in real estate photography is great lighting. Experts have found a way to incorporate natural lighting and man-made lights to create stunning photographs. It depends on which room you are photographing, but for bathrooms and children’s rooms as well as staircases and ceilings, great lighting makes a huge difference.

Points of Interest

With real estate photos, it is also important to have points of interest in different shots. For example, if you’re taking a photo of the backyard, it doesn’t help if the image is a mish-mash of everything that’s there. Instead, focus on a swing, an antique mailbox or a row of flowers – and yes, a jacuzzi would work just as well.

Real Estate Photos for Brochures

When using photographs for brochures or websites, you will need a little more help making them appear really perfect. Besides great shots, you will also need photo editing tools like photo shop or Illustrator to create different styles and effects on the photographs. This is not to say of course that the pictures are not good. It only means that the pictures need to be adjusted so that they will fit the overall design of the brochure, flyer or website that you are trying to create.

With these tools you can round images, super impose, crop, reshape, create a montage and so on and so forth. However, it is really important to have high quality images to start with. The higher the resolution, the better too since you will have clearer and more crisp pictures to work with from the get go.

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