Glamour Photography: Highlight Your Sensual Side

Glamour Photography: Highlight Your Sensual Side

Glamour, when used well in photographs, can enhance the appeal and oomph factor of the subject – and this is precisely what glamour photography intends to achieve. Earlier referred to as ‘erotic photography’, glamour or boudoir photography is a popular genre where the subject, usually female, is shown in an alluring way. This style of photography is generally used for commercial purposes such as product brochures, magazines, calendars etc. It is now increasingly being used for personal purposes too. A collection of sensual images has become fashionable as a gift from the bride to the groom on their wedding night. It is also popular as a birthday, Valentine’s Day, anniversary or a surprise gift.

 glamour-photography-toronto-13What to Wear

Glamour photos are designed to bring to the limelight the sensual side of a woman. The pictures are tasteful images of the client. The subject can wear whatever she chooses – right from lingerie to wedding dress to sports jerseys. Several studios also allow nudity but again the pictures are very elegantly done. In other studios, nudity is not allowed but the subject can choose to be captured in a manner where nudity is implied but not fully revealed. The main focus of this style of photography is the subject and not the attire she is wearing. The clothes are the emphasis in fashion photography.

 Makeup and Lighting

Make up plays an important role while having a glamour shot. To get the desired results, the makeup should highlight the lips and the eyes. Compared to the regular make up, glamour shots would require warmer and bolder tones to make the eyes appear smokier. Lighting details are very important as well as it helps accentuate the features of the subject. These are just general guidelines. The glamour photos will depend entirely on the preferences of the subject.

 glamour-photography-toronto-4No Experience Required

Glamour photography does not require clients to have any kind of modeling experience or get a drastic make over. Its uniqueness lie in its ability to celebrate the natural grace and beauty already present in a woman. To capture the imagination of the spectator, the pose of the subject is important. This is where the expertise of the photographer comes into play. An experienced photographer would know the different angles to capture their subject for a sexy shot. An important factor to keep in mind is that the client is not a professional model, the photographer will therefore need to have the ability to make the subject feel at ease so that she is able to relax and be herself.

Glamour photos are customized to suit the requirements of the client. How much or how little to expose, what to wear, how to pose are to be decided by the subject. The premises of glamour photography are romance, love and affection. A romantic set with soft lighting, beautiful colours, soothing music and classy props further enhances the feeling of romance and richness and creates a comfortable ambience for the subject.

With glamour photography, the dream of having mesmerizing glamour photos need not remain a dream any longer. The latest trends in technology and professional photographers have made it possible for anyone to have glamorous pictures to cherish for a long time.

This post is brought to you by Hugh Saffar, professional photographer in Toronto, Canada.