Why the Wow! Factor is Important in Real Estate Photography

Why the Wow! Factor is Important in Real Estate Photography

real-estate-photo-pro2For people looking at houses, condos or other pieces of real estate, one of the first things they tend to look for are pictures. Naturally, this is very important as it gives a first impression of what the property looks like; what can be found there; what surrounds it; and ultimately, if it’s a good place to live in or buy. An awesome real estate photo increases the chances of a sale to close exponentially.

If you’re relying on just point and shoot camera outputs, chances are you will not be doing justice to the sites. For real estate photography, you will need high quality images with great resolution. Now why is this? Real estate photos need to be top notch because they are mostly used for brochures, flyers, company websites or sales sites. Imagine if you’re a real estate agent and all you had to show are several blurry photographs where potential buyers are barely able to make out the kitchen from the living room. Surely, that will make you look silly or unprofessional.

Experts at Real Estate Pictures

Chances are you will be losing clients and not be able to close sales because of lousy photographs. What you need to do is hire a photographer who has had years of experience in taking real estate photos. There is a fine art that allows these professionals to take great photos of staircases, cabinets, bath tubs and sinks and make them look like you’re browsing through an expensive and really classy catalog.

Lighting is Key

One key element in real estate photography is great lighting. Experts have found a way to incorporate natural lighting and man-made lights to create stunning photographs. It depends on which room you are photographing, but for bathrooms and children’s rooms as well as staircases and ceilings, great lighting makes a huge difference.

Points of Interest

With real estate photos, it is also important to have points of interest in different shots. For example, if you’re taking a photo of the backyard, it doesn’t help if the image is a mish-mash of everything that’s there. Instead, focus on a swing, an antique mailbox or a row of flowers – and yes, a jacuzzi would work just as well.

Real Estate Photos for Brochures

When using photographs for brochures or websites, you will need a little more help making them appear really perfect. Besides great shots, you will also need photo editing tools like photo shop or Illustrator to create different styles and effects on the photographs. This is not to say of course that the pictures are not good. It only means that the pictures need to be adjusted so that they will fit the overall design of the brochure, flyer or website that you are trying to create.

With these tools you can round images, super impose, crop, reshape, create a montage and so on and so forth. However, it is really important to have high quality images to start with. The higher the resolution, the better too since you will have clearer and more crisp pictures to work with from the get go.

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